Good bye Strawberry Ice!

I started vaping about 7 months ago, as a “coping” mechanism to a life stressor. Stupid move. I quickly became a chain vaper. In that time, I had a 1 month quit, as well as 19 days. Caved both times because somebody stole my peace. Yeah right, I know, poor excuse. Im over it.

Tomorrow I will be a non vaper. Handing this over to my HP. Sending much love to all and strongs with whatever demon you are facing.

I could really do with a whattsapp quit buddy too :pray::butterfly::sparkling_heart: (I tried the nicotine anonymous zooms, but other than 1 womans group, the people were so angry and miserable):flushed::dizzy_face:

I go to my Narcotics Anonymous home group, my family, but everybody smokes or vapes in the smoke break, so it’s a bit triggerish at the moment.

2 yrs, 3 months - no alcohol
11 years - no marijuana

Thank you God.


Good luck @Cherry_Kisses i was a chain vaper too. I chewed on straws when the cravings got overwhelming


Hey lady!!! Glad to see u posting! Great job on all ur timers and congratulations on making the decision to quit vaping.
When i quit smoking almost 14 years ago i was attending NA meetings as well and practically everyone there smoked after the meeting. Its definitely hard to quit when its such a common theme in the 12 step rooms. I used to hang out in the meeting room and help clean up and chat with others who werent smoking. And then id have to say my goodbyes as i was walking past everyone hanging out by the front door. It does get easier :slight_smile:
Ive never heard of Nicotine anonymous meetings. I had no idea they existed lol i can only imagine hoe grumpy everyone would be.
Anyway, im proud of u friend! Keep up the great work!


Hey hun so awesome to hear from you. Yeah nicotine is a terrible one, and always comes with a lot of deep seated soul wounds. I think for so many of us it was the first drug we picked up at and often at a very young age.:sob:

I’m proud of you too my friend!:heart_decoration:

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I hit double digits about 15 minutes ago. I’m so happy. No craves, no obsessing. I just surrendered it to my HP. I don’t think about it at all and I’m loving exercising again! Much strength to all :heart_decoration:



Hell yeah! @Cherry_Kisses

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