Good morning! I’m back again 😊

Sober 7 days today :blush: boy this was hard at first to say no to alcohol for the pass few days but I got through it high 5 to me.i been looking after myself and praying every day when I get out of bed and before I go to bed so I’m so thankful for this new day…


You have 7 days of getting better at getting better. You are better today than you were yesterday. Stay sober today, and tomorrow you’ll be better still. Keep getting better at getting better. Keep getting after it.


Yay you!!! That first week is tough and you kicked its butt :wink: I hope you have a great day!

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I finally noticed that I was drinking so much and drinking my pain away.
I got to the point where I was on a binge because of my hurt :cry: and it was getting worse but not I’m up and I feel so great today.
Just because someone whom had hurt me in the pass two month ago. They are lots of nice guy out there he’s not the only one for me.


Thanks have a great day my friend :blush:
New day and keeping being you.


I learned after many attempts to “drink the pain away” or “drink to forget” that the pain was always waiting for me when I sobered up. I learned the only way to get past it was to experience it, and move through it, and the only way to do this, was to do it sober.

Keep moving forward to put the pain behind you.


Thanks :blush: I was so hurt from a guy who I thought he was the only guy for me but nope he’s not for me.
They are lots of nice guys out there and some day I’ll find the right man for me…
Have a great day :blush: