Good mornung all

Just been sat thinking about my anxiety as its so high also as coming of alchol i am 3 weeks clean from my 8 year strech on antidepressants witch where highly adictive i was weaned off them since december. Am wondering if thats why my anxiety is so high

What medication was u taking ? R u still on meds now ? I been takin medication 4 past 10 years some work some made me worse … do u have a special mental health doctor x

I was on paroxitine but they gave me a bad sleep disorder and insomnia so i had to stop them i suffer with depresson never been diagnosed with anything. I am no linger taking any medication

Quitting SSRI medicine is never easy. You can expect for symptoms like anxiety, even panic for a while…
How long have you been off alcohol?

I am suffering with headaches and anxity and freeling panicky. I am 10 days soba today

I used SSRI medicine for ten years…drinking makes anxiety a lot lot worse…and actually can be the cause of the said anxiety in the first place…quitting the medicine and alcohol at once is one hell of a task. You can be experiencing PAWS = post acute withdrawal symptoms…which can manifest as anxiety for way way longer than ten days…even months…and quitting the SSRI medicine has a tendency to increase the anxiety for a while after quitting it…If I were you…I’d go talk to a doctor about this. There are possibilities for sleep-aid such as quetiapine, mirtazapine, hydroxyzine…etc…might not be an awfully bad idea to get back on the SSRI with some sleeping aid…to get past the paws…then taper the SSRI down really really slowly…This is just my experience…not an advice.


Thankyou yea i plan on going to see my gp tomorrow and see what they say one thing i dont want to do is get back in my meds i feel so much better off them i feel a normal person. When i was kn my meds i felt no emotion i was just like a rock. I just want the head aches and the anxiety to go away now and i should be ok fingers crossed

One thing I know that it’ll pass…I’m 3 months off SSRI meds and I’m feeling awesome…so hang in there


Do you work out? Exercise produces natural endorphins which improve mood, burns off nervous energy which helps with anxiety. Plus you become physically stronger with more mental focus, and less sensitive to pain and discomfort.

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I totally understand that u dont wapnt to be on meds especially if they made u feel worse … it took me a few times of trying different medication until i doctors found what works for me … x

I am slowly srarting to work out just 3 times aweek if i have the time as i am very busy. But hopefully in a few months i will be in a better place physically and mentally thanks guys

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I might suggest which has lots of workouts that require no equipment. 20 minutes, body weight, and a desire to be better, is all you need. 20 minutes. No one is so busy that they can’t find 20 minutes, especially when they don’t have to leave home to work out.

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I had a very bad expierence with quetiapine… its an antipsychotic. It made me a zombie and suicidal. Also never had a good expierence with ssris. Basically same thing happened to me made me very manic at night id be up till 5am cleaning lol. But when i stopped i kept getting brain zaps and high anxiety, i weened myself off but its rough for like a month. I wouldnt reccomend any ssris or long term medications like that to anyone. I have an anti anxiety medication take as needed clonazapam which i rarely take but just the peace of mind having it helps. The thing that helps my anxiety the best is staying busy. Working reading playing music.

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Also good job on the 10 days ur doing good bro

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true. some medication works for some, others not so much…How long have you been sober?
I used to do benzodiazepin for anxiety too…that almost killed me. Now I can say that I am medication free and of course sober…also I can testify that the anxiety is gone…never thought that was possible…but surprise surprise…not self medicating leads to no symptoms in my case…

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Well i will see what the docs say tomorrow. But i definitely do not want to go back on antidepressants. been working out and been for run gonna listen to some music now and do some breathing excesizes. And thanks 10 days is just the start i can homestly say i feel so strong about not wanting to drink ever again but i do think about it 24/7 just got to keep strong

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Im in day 38. Yeah ive noticed my anxiety is alot less severe without alcohol i havnt taken clonazapam in like 3 weeks just because i havnt needed it. I dont know if my anxiety is less severe because im getting older and recognize what it is but it is getting better by alot. If i do take it i take about a quarter of a .5mg it seems to help or maybe im placeboing myself. Good job on all youve accomplished it isnt easy to feel level headed.

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Thats the name of the game, its always okay to think about it, diving in has always been a major setback for me. As the saying goes stay sober today. Then worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow.

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