Gotta do better

Went out over the weekend and definitely did more than I planned. I drank too much and relapsed and did a few bumps. I keep telling myself I am going to stop. Once I drink it goes hand in hand for me. So I will focus on not drinking and then I won’t want to do any cocaine. I hate the feeling my body gets after and it’s starting to hinder my day to day life.


Hey Ebony, welcome. You’ve found a great place and some very fantastic people here. There’s lots of wisdom in these threads, just read around a bit. I can relate to what you are saying. I had to quit smoking and drinking at the same time, because I could not manage to just do one without the other. Also meant double health and financial benefits :). Hope to see you around.


Desire and effort go along way to stay in recovery wish you well


Maybe think about addiction as a pattern of behaviors, rather than from the perspective a particular substance.

Can one “go out” in early sobriety and not be tempted, especially in familiar haunts and with a circle of party friends?

Is it ok to drink alcohol if it leads to using other substances?

Stay here long enough and you will see the advice “change people, places and things you do” if you want to change your life. This is good advice.

I consider myself fortunate that I never got into drugs as an adult. The last time I did anything “illegal”, was 1983. Last year, weed was legalized in my state. I had already decided that I’d never touch it…because there’s a big chance I’d like it too much, and I’d chain myself to it, just like I did with alcohol.

Clean and sober means exactly that, to me. Nothing mind-altering or mood-elevating goes into this body, beyond my daily cup of coffee.

Hope this helps


Welcome to the community :raising_hand_woman:

You have noticed the pattern of one leads to the other.
It’s the same for me too.
Glad to have you with us :sunflower:


I am going through the EXACT same thing. Drinking enables the thought. I’ve given up both. We are in this together. (Day 1 for me)

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I’ve relapsed 3 times but I can’t blame anyone but myself. One day at time for sure! I appreciate this forum

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Thank you so much!

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This definitely gives me a different perspective, and something to really think about. Thank you!

Same to you and thank you!

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