Had a good day until the alcohol monster started screaming

By the end of today it will be my 10th day sober…
it’s been slightly easy so far…

But now I’m craving.

I started a new job today and it went well, I’ve just been to the shop on my way home to get some extra food and I legit starred at the wine bottles for way to long. The thing is that usually I would of celebrated a good day by getting a bottle of wine or 2. I resisted and left the shop.

But I felt deprived and that’s what scares me. If I keep allowing myself to feel deprived I’m going to give in. And I know fully that alcohol is not going to make things more interesting. But I can’t help but morn it slightly.

I’m trying to put steps into place to make my days as productive as possible. I’ve been going to the gym almost every day. Giving myself treats.

I didn’t drink! So here’s to day 10! I’m great full but scared that I’m going to ruin it.


Here’s to day 10!

What has really helped me (and it’s a phrase I learned on here)… Play that tape forward. What really happens when you drink? For me it was something like, have fun for an hour, then make some poor choices, blackout so I don’t remember those poor choices, wake up and spend the rest of the day feeling like shit, anxious about what I might have said or done and trying to piece it all back together. Your tape might look different but I bet once you play it through you won’t feel like you’re depriving yourself!

If you haven’t seen me say this already :see_no_evil: maybe check out some recovery books. I’ve read This Naked Mind, there are many others. Keep reinforcing why life is better without alcohol. Recognise every little thing you do today that if you were drinking you wouldn’t have done. Even if that thing is feeling like shit and not reaching for a bottle - that’s an achievement! Going for a walk, getting some housework done, dancing round the house. Whatever it is take a minute to appreciate that you are doing this and you are doing it sober. There is a real joy in that.

Get an early night if you need to and look forward to waking up on day 11 (and day 2 of the new job!) with a clear head :grin:


Deprived of alcohol, most of us felt that way. Think of all the bad stuff that happens when you drink…that is what you are depriving yourself of. Alcoholics tend to self destruct…when something good happens, back to the bottle. If we self destruct we have a reason to drink.

Ignore that voice, ignore those cravings …keep yourself busy…keep yourself sober…the feelings of being deprived will go away


Thank you Siand,

My tape is exactly the same as yours,

Thank you for such great advice, it’s so true. As I was reading your message I imagined what this evening would have been like this…

I would have not bothered catching up with the kids about their day, I would have made some slurry telephone calls and gone into work hungover the next day.

Omg! I didn’t like the reality of me drinking wine tonight. The monster told me something different.
Thank you so much for that tool, I think that Will definitely help me.


Thank you Scott,

I feel 100% better from talking to everyone on here. It’s true what you just said, it’s self sabotage.


This could be a great metaphor for “don’t look at the problem, look at the solution”

Standing there and looking at those bottles of wine is like looking directly at the problem. When the solution to that problem is simply walking away… If that makes sense😬

Great work pal!


That little parasite, that little voice will do anything to get the booze…fight it off!


Thank you,

I guess it’s adjustment time for my brain…

Maybe a meeting might help especially when you get cravings lifting the phone and sharing with someone who can id with your problem wish you well