Had Boozy Mom Culture gone too far?

For me UMMMM YES!!! After I had my daughter I lived for Moms Night Out, play dates with Mimosas… we were literally drinking with our kids at 10am! It’s crazy to me now but at the time I was so happy to have found an outlet for the stress of motherhood and my buddies who were in the trenches with me and loved their prosecco or red wine as much as I did


Yeah, I was pretty disgusted with the movie Bad Moms. Didn’t even consider watching the second one.

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Our societal “norms”

Yep…I definitely fell victim to the culture. FB pages like “mommy needs vodka” or “OMG I need a glass of wine or I’m gonna sell my kid” don’t help.


We have always had booze as part of the culture from the founding fathers, prohibition booze runners, Las Vegas to this. It may be more easily accessible now… But it has always been there.

Unfortunately we are never going to be cucumbers again.

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I like being pickled… It makes me wise, like an ancient cucumber.


I just really don’t like that the mommy wine culture encourages Moms to drink WHILE being the sole care provider for their children.

It’s one thing to go out for Mommy’s Night Out while you’re away and have a sitter but it’s a totally different level when you’re drinking at playdates or soccer games while you’re the one responsible for your kids and then have to drive them home. I was one of those Moms that thought it was okay because that’s what everyone else was doing and that’s what was displayed everywhere on social media.


The mommy wine culture is out of control and it really bothers me. Like @VSue said, the blogs and Facebook pages (i.e. "Moms who drink and swear ", “mommy needs vodka”) are perpetuating this myth that we need alcohol just to cope with regular, normal occurrences of being a mom. Yes it’s always been there to a certain degree but now it seems so pervasive and it makes moms think that “everyone does it” and that its normal to grab a drink every time your kid causes you some stress or inconvenience.
I bought into it for a while too, drinking at playdates when they were little, and more recently drinking before or during their sporting events, before any school function, and of course any time they were being annoying or misbehaving. How would I possibly cope otherwise!? :wink:
I would like to find more sober mom blogs and hopefully start to shift that perception that we need alcohol to cope with motherhood. Sure it’s not always easy but being sober and truly present is a real gift that I’m appreciating more every day.



Mom drinking is not just normalized but we’re being taught that motherhood requires alcohol to survive…as though mothering is something undesirable.

I’m learning that I actually LOVE all of it, including the whining and bickering.

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Me too! I am very aware of the fact that these moments with my kids, good or bad, are fleeting. When they’re grown and gone I will miss all of this–the chaos, the mess, the noise…all of it.

I was just having a conversation about this with my husband yesterday. We do not have kids yet, but my sister’s do and I see how them and their friends are. It seems like they’re always doing thinfs with their kids which is great, but also ALWAYS drinking. It seems families are always hanging out with each other and while the kids play the parents get smashed. I get it every once in awhile, but it’s definetly every weekend. And I know other families who have the same culture. They’re having a good time, but God forbid something happens who is going to be the sober one? Also, I can’t imagine what it is doing to their health.

It’s not just mom’s though. I find it ridiculous that you can’t walk into a clothing store with out seeing some type of shirts for women that have something to do with alocohol. “Rose All Day” “Alcohol You Later”. It’s crazy.

While I wish I could be a social drinker, I not one as hard as I try. To each their own. But I really hate how glorified it’s feels like it’s becoming. Makes me afraid for the future and the kids growing up in these households. Kids will be young thinking it’s toaly fine since their parents did it, grow up and keep repeating the cycle. Alcohol really is evil.


I’ve got 4 boys with another boy on the way. It’s a mad house here. There are other ways to cope with the stress. I’m not an alcoholic and neither my wife or I have ever drank an alcoholic beverage once in our lives. It may be hard for us to relate. That bei g said, we do just fine without alcohol.