Had to get honest with my probation officer

I went into probation today and ended up having to admit to drug and alcohol usage months ago before I got clean and sober following a hair follicle test so he already knows what to expect. I’m looking at 10 years prison if I get my probation revoked, but as far as I’m concerned, I still am on probation and have to call everyday for random testing which I am totally okay with. I guess what I’m trying to get at is despite the situation, I found the positive side in it that I got it off of my chest and that regardless of what is going to happen, if I can continue probation or not, it’s nothing to get high over. I am currently 4 months and a week sober and beyond grateful for it. Just here to process what I went through today with you guys. I love y’all


If this is your first fail then most likely they will just add a few requirements-

It’s my second, the last fail I had was in 2014.

Well atleast they weren’t back to back which is a good thing and may work to your advantage…

I was violated and had a warrant issued a couple years ago but it was back to back with signs that my situation was detiorating not progressing…if your up to date with your fees and everything else mostly the fees tho they will probably work with you…probation is more about bringing in money for the state then it is reform

Maybe get some character letters from ur sponsor, the people u know best that know you’re sober. Congrats on over 4 months!