Had to put my dog down ☹️

Twenty days sober. We had to put our Golden Retriever down tonight. Back to zero :expressionless:


How incredibly sad. My heart hurts for you and yours. May you feel peace soon.

Thank you. I just can’t handle her death right now, and I know it’s a bullshit excuse, but it’s all I have tonight…

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It is not all you have. However, it is understandable since you are feeling such strong emotions. Just because it is understandable doesn’t make it right. Our addictions lie to us. You will still miss her in the morning, and the morning after that… that is grief.
Try to get back on the wagon and look for healthy ways to self-soothe in order to work through your grief.


Ugh. How terrible. You’re going through something horrible and I’m sorry for you. I bet you love her very much. The grief won’t go anywhere. Whether you drink or not, you’ll have to deal with it eventually. But you will deal better and not additionally damage yourself in the process if you recommit to sobriety.
Sending you some love, devoted dog mamma to dog daddy. :broken_heart:

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Thank you all. I will get back. Just a short time sober, and some trauma. I will get back!

So true, but the evil of addiction. I’m working on it :slightly_smiling_face:


Devestated for you mate. My dog is one of my best friends. Getting a dog is signing up for true heartbreak but it is so worth it for how much joy and love they bring.

Try not to let a major event turn into many months or even years off the wagon. Take care


The grief is a symbol of all that joy and love :paw_prints::sparkling_heart:

@dday1965 hope you can come back soon and find a way of experiencing that grief sober, as a way of honouring your four legged friend. It’s hard but we’re with you :pray::sparkling_heart:


I’m sorry man it’s terribly terrible.

I have lost both of my dogs over the past 3 years, both were like my children so it killed me, it’s a heartbreaking experience that I wish on no one.

If anything you probably gave your pup the best life it could ask for, and that’s something they will be forever grateful for

I’m so sorry to hear of this. I know that losing a pet is a loss of a family member and it is fucking hard. Wishing you the best and to get better and heal from this. Take care and stay strong :metal:

OMG. I cannot imagine that sorrow/pain