Hang in there 1 day at a time

When u reach day 30. Things will clear up

Didn’t for me, at day 30 I’d start forgetting about the shame, regret and anxiety and romanticise drinking again. Then I’d drink again…

Only starting getting better for me when I starting doing the 12 steps with a sponsor

Everybody is different though and has a different journey. Great that you got more clarity after the 30 days, I’m pleased for you :grinning:


totally have to agree with you, some milestones make you think your cured, again and again and again…


I’m was still suffering way beyond 5minths it takes a good 12/18montgs I feel to start understanding ourselves again I personally found 30days awful it’s when I started coming down off that pink cloud days 30/60


I just hope I can get to 30 days. I haven’t been able to get past 12.


Hi Cat5! Welcome to TS. You are not alone in the struggle. Lots of individuals on this forum understand what you are going through. TS is a great place for you to get support.