Hanging here sober

Its good to hang out here.
Im alone and not at all at the same time.
Feels good to be able to check in. Out of boredom, i can get it out here and everyone can read and no one would judge. My words will hang in space and i will be dry.
Just hanging and doing this kills my craving.
If I can do this, anyone can. Hold on to yourself.
Be able to be alone


And hang with a reliable, CONSISTENT chaperone if you do spend time with people? I’m on Day 39 and terrified of failing. I did “Sober Superbowl” and spent the first half at one sports bar and the second half at another. We agreed before we went, no drinking. (She isn’t an alcoholic, tho). And I did it. I ate the desserts, ordered the Shirley Temples ($3.75!!!) and found OTHER options I usually deny myself. My first sober month I tried the street legal drag races. Every 30-days, I’m doing something new to look forward to. I miss feeling inspired. So I got creative. So far, it is HIGHLY effective for me. We’re FOR you and WITH you.