Hangover symptoms without drinking?

Hi all, I’m on day 3. I woke up this morning with hangover symptoms and I did NOT have a drop of alcohol last night. My stomach is upset and hurts, I’m sweating, cotton mouth, head hurts etc. Has anyone experience this? I mean WTF? I thought I was supposed to feel better? I’m not getting sick, this def reflex hangover symptoms. Maybe I’m having some withdraw symptoms? I’m open to any ideas.


Sounds like everything I felt in that first week. Hang in there it gets better.
Try to rest, take vitamins especially B, and drink lots of water.
My first few weeks were tough. Remember your body is trying to rid itself of all that poison.


It is withdrawal and it is completely normal. First we detox, then we begin to heal.

Treat it like you would a bad cold or case of flu. Eat bland foods, when you feel like eating. You’re likely to crave carbs, maybe even sweets. Stay hydrated. Club soda and ginger ale are good for settling a stomach. Load up on B vitamins, as these are depleted by drinking.

Just like a cold or flu, you will feel off for a time, but you will feel better.


You are and it will pass soon…

Thanks everyone! I appreciate it.


Hey! How long random sweating at night and morning while sleeping can last? I’m on my 48 day and I woke up in wet bed 3 rd time in last week or so.

Not sure. Might want to see a doctor.

Ya, you might want to get some blood work done.