Happy birthday 33

Hi, I’m new here and I thought it would be good for me to use this tool as an aid in my recovery. I’ve always documented my attempts at recovery in a journal which are always unheard, so here I am! I’ve been using meth for half of my life and now alcohol has become a problem and always leads me back to meth. I will be 33 tomorrow and I started using meth when I was 16 very heavily, I was going into my junior year of high school when I jumped in with both feet on accident, I had no idea what ‘crystal’ was I said I’d use it only on the weekends…well here I am. Anyway thstrong textere a lot of people that are worse off than me I know this because half of my life they were examples of what I wasn’t going to be…I graduated high school ‘normally’ in 2003…I’ve alway held a job blah blah blah. Actually you would never guess I did the drug because I always strived to maintain my image in society. I started doing meth with the now father of my child when I was 16 he was 18. We broke up when I was 19 hooked up one night when I was 22 and that’s where my beautiful little boy came from. I knew I was going to get pregnant I was looking for an out a reason to get sober and I did. I didn’t even take Advil when I was sick that winter. So I quit for a good 5 years, meanwhile his dad did the whole prison thing for a couple years got his life together and we tried to make it work but I was just over it. During the time he was locked up I went back to school and obtained a 2 year degree at at Community College. That degree got me to the career I now have. Anyway after it didn’t work with us I started using again, this was in 2011-2012 started going to lots of EDM shows I had a blast that year honestly but it ended it 2013 horrifically I found myself without a job. I caught my first felony drug case in January of 2013 on a Tuesday and my little sister (not a user or an addict) killed herself Thursday of the same week. My world was out of control! Luckily my sons dad had his life back together and had him most of the time. 5 weeks later I caught another case, then 6 weeks later I totaled my car. I ended up with only supervised probation for 3 years and lots of community service, it took me until November to finally check myself into detox and get my sober life going again. I worked 2 jobs not in my career field until I finally found a job 3 hours out of town. So I packed my son and I up and moved. There’s more to this but I came back home 1 year later and my boyfriend broke up with me and I started drinking heavily which led me back to meth and now an alcohol addiction as well. The meth is easier to quit than alcohol for me, alcohol is everywhere and Is overly accepted by society which makes it hard to not want to take a shot or 5, then my judgement is impaired and here comes the meth. Uggghhh so I was sober this past month from both, I had relapses with LQ more often than I wanted but this week led me to meth again and I’m pissed! So here I am! Day 1 is tomorrow, my 33 birthday, wish me luck :shamrock:️:yellow_heart:-JMA

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Happy 33rd Birthday and the birth of the new you. Your past is past and should remain there. You have a great future ahead of you and a child that can bring you the courage to maintaine your path. This is a great tool to use to help prevent use. You can do this. Pace yourself. One day at a time. I wish you all the best.