Happy Fourth of July!

Hi how is everyone?? Today I’m just hanging out with family. The things keeping me sober, for one is the amount of time I have already. And the excitement of soon lighting off some fireworks!! What’s keeping everyone sober today??

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Happy 4th @Kathy_Gallegos hope your having a great day!! I am working myself stuck in my tractor trailer until tomorrow. It sucks but that’s the job. Have a very nice night be careful.


I stayed sober by working. LOL. No Fourth of July here.

I hope you’ve all had a good day.


Thank you @Jrs2slow, I will! Maybe there will be some fireworks near by that you can enjoy!!

Been doing suspension upgrades on my truck all weekend. Been nice to have the extra time off to finally tear into it and not drinking helps me keep my energy up and not die in the heat lol. Happy birthday 'merica.