Happy to be here

7 days today…God is truly Good!


7 days here as well! Congrats!


Looks like we’re all in the same boat. Felt good to see a week pass with few cravings. Anyone else feel their emotions coming back?

Kind of strange how robot I became with alcohol flooding my system!

Very happy to hear it! Been struggling lately tbh . Makes me happy to hear people keep jumping bad into life! Thanks for sharing and keep coming back. (I sound like a meeting)


Congrats @Success & @Lettinggo! Its comforting to find ppl in a similar situation.

@Success, I was emotional before I was born lol…but I feel a little restless…thinking of going back to mtgs which hopefully will help. I think its natural to feel all sorts of crazy shit during this time…I can definitely understand that robot feeling though…

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Haha! Yeah the first 3 days I had some anxiety and depression, now I have emotions but they are nice to feel. Feeling more human again. Can’t wait to see what more days of liberation shall bring :slight_smile: