Has anyone quit drinking using a method other than AA?

I used the Rational Recovery method and also the I am Sober app on my phone. I was a binge drinker, binging about twice a week, usually blacking out and wasting too much time recovering from the previous nights binge. I finally had enough of doing that to my body and mind. I’ve been working out at the gym I recently joined, and it’s helped tremendously!


This app is my method :wink:
Glad you found something that helped for you!


I found the gym to be a great help, especially group workouts that motivate me to work harder. Nice work!


AA was created by a man for men. WFS (women for sobriety) was formed by a woman for women. I use Sober Recovery and WFS. I have support from both sites. I also use the Easy Quit Drinking app. I also read a lot of books.


There are many women in the AA meetings I go to. Almost everyone of them are the epitome of the word inspiration.


I use “The Way”, as in Musashi’s Dokkodo. It’s the pursuit of Kaizen (constant improvement) through self-discipline. I have an active prayer life, train in martial arts, read, listen to podcasts, and come here to the forum, daily.

And I will go to AA, if I ever drink again.


I went to rehab to stop drinking and using. AA I use to stay stopped


I tried AA but found NA to be my better friend. The workbook, steps and meetings.


I am currently digging back in to Refuge Recovery. Like any program, it only works if you are working it.

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I went to rehab , AA, NA and Alanon. I have been in recovery for over 34.5 years with zero slips/relapses. This family of programs showed me a complete lifestyle change.


The Alcohol Experiment book and website is a great tool.

Glad you found the app. Welcome. Everyone has his/her way of maintaining sobriety. In my experience the one common factor is occupying your time to fill that void. Focusing on your health. Partaking in your hobbies and interests. Checking in with the app also helps tremendously. :pray:

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Our drinking pattern sounds really similar. Except no amount of rational literature or podcasts kept me away. It was a deeply personal disregard for myself and my safety. That’s the most disturbing thing.