Has anyone taken suboclade

Today i took my last suboclade shot? Has anyone ever come off of it? The only reason y i started taking the shot in rehab was because when i came off suboxene on my own it lasted for 6 months but i started having sucidial thoughts so the rehab recommended the shot an today i told them this was the last time i was gonna take it. So curious how everyone here feels about it


I never took it I just took a low dose of subutext each day, add fat add I’m aware the withdrawals from the sublocade shot are much less severe though I’m not a doctor and an sure somebody with more experience will be along shortly.
Perhaps @Englishd may have some knowledge surrounding it through his work🙏

I took my last shot November 30. I was a bit apprehensive to do so. but in my opinion, it’s way better than oral buprenorphine it stays in your body for over two months with minimal side effects and levels decrease very slow typically people don’t withdraw from that. I think you made a good choice by taking it and would stay on it for as long as you need to. it’s kept my cravings away and that says a lot for me. I was in really bad shape before hand but as far as coming off, I’m in the same boat.


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