Has anyone tried Orangetheory Fitness?

I have GOT to get a handle on my health. I’m not good with exercise. I join gyms then never go. I looked at an add for Orangetheory and it looks like it would work for me…challenging and competitive (self competition). I also like that you don’t need to do an annual membership. So I could try for a month and leave it if it isn’t working (aka. I’m not going!!). But it is $$$$.

So has anyone gone? What was you fitness level? Did you like it? Is it with the money?


Love OT! Had to drop it recently due to my financial situation. 1 hour of working out… 25 minutes core and weight lifting and 25 minutes of HIIT cardio. The rest is stretching. If you cancel a class less than 8 hours before it starts they will charge you a $25 fee. This I love for accountability reasons. It’s a great workout environment, lights are orange, so you can’t see how red you get while working out (I suffer from this) and their fans massive/very cooling. Give it a try!! Let me know if you like it.


If you’re a healthcare employee they will give you a discount. You have to buy a heart monitor, which isn’t the cheapest… makes you want to stay a little longer lol.

Oh that’s cool about the discount for those in healthcare. I will have to look into this!

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Yes! It’s $10 less a month, whichever plan you choose. Ask how busy yours is, bc I know some studios are constantly booked/have a wait list. The studio close to me is fairly new and the workout times I need are never full.

Ah I thought it was online program. Looks like closest to me is a couple hours away.

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I joined 2 weeks ago and I love it! Its pricey but exactly what I need. It’s like having a personal trainer without the high cost of an actual personal trainer. It’s a good work out and kicks your ass. Good luck!

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I’m liking the endorsement. There is a club near my house and one near my work. Can you visit different locations??

Perhaps I can do a few months to get myself back on track and then join a regular gym for more variety…unless I love this so much.

So…which membership? How many classes per week would people normally do? One doesn’t seem like enough. 2 a week seems like a minimum but totally doable.

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You can workout at any location. I did the two a week one, bc I had a gym membership at the same time. So $89/mo.? Which isn’t bad per class really. Like @Desire2ChangeToday mentioned… it’s like having a personal trainer. For weight loss they recommend going at least 3x’s/week. I would like to join CrossFit eventually and thought this would be a great stepping stone (ha).


haven’t tried it but have heard good things!

I went for a few months and loved it. I was a very beginner fitness level and they push you to be a better version of yourself. My fitness improved immensely! I found the instructors to be very supportive as well as the other participants, it’s a really positive community. I stopped going because I got pregnant, I still think about going back but it’s out of my budget at the moment. When I was going I found at least 3x a week to be best.

What about modifications? I have very weak core muscles to the point that I risk back injury. As a result I can’t effectively do typical core exercises. Do they allow for a participant to do a different exercise?

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They always ask before each workout if anyone has any injuries they need to know of. Let them know beforehand your concern. When they demonstrate each exercise they show you how to modify it if you aren’t quite there yet.

Went to a trial class tonight…Holy crap it was so good…I signed up for two months, unlimited. We’ll see how it goes after that.