Has anyone watched or listened to the Huberman Podcast on the effects of alcohol?

Blew my mind. I always knew it was bad but even light drinkers are effected. The clear choice is no alcohol at all. Also has some very good info on how to recover after being a long time drinker or even a moderate drinker. Definitely worth a listen. Please let me know if you have any other informative stuff like this. I would love to watch or listen as well.


I’ll listen on my way home from work. Thank you.

Dr Amen has some pretty good stuff. He’s really into brain scans. He points out that ortho guys take x-rays to see the broken bones, cardiologist use cardio grams to see the heart and oncologist do all kinds of scans to see cancer. But psychiatrists and prescribing MDs mostly just guess at what your mental health issue is without a brain scan. Supper interesting.

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I will definitely check him out. Thank you.

Loved this podcast. This information needs to keep being put out there. I got diagnosed at 7 months sober with BC, specifically the type he mentioned.


It was really eye opening. Once I started listening I was hooked. Definitely going to have to listen a couple more times to try and catch everything. Will be listening to his others soon too. I also swung by the store and grabbed some kimchi thanks to him today. :joy:

Thanks, I’ll be listening at work tomorrow. This will be a great distraction from work stuff that gets under my skin and tries to make me make bad choices :grin:

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Yes, I’ve listened to it and appreciated it a lot. More we learn the better. Definitely recommend it.

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I will have to check it out. I am on a sobriety/alcohol education kick lately… And love podcasts.

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This is the most informative collection I’ve seen or heard so far. He does a deep dive into all the effects of alcohol on the body and mind. I am actually about to listen to it again to try and soak in more.

I’m doing some pressure washing outside of my house today, listening. So far it’s very interesting!

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I have began to listen to his others as well. I’m almost done with his focus and concentration one. Also highly recommend. Let me know what you think when you’re done.

I listened because of your recommendation here. Definitely informative, and always helpful to have the reminder that alcohol is poison, and ingesting poison has consequences. It was interesting to hear the pieces about certain functions being restores between 2-6 months sober. I definitely experienced better health and mood starting in that range during previous bouts of sobriety. Looking forward to healing again, hopefully once and for all.

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I was encouraged by that as well. Although I was disappointed in myself for never falling in the light to moderate category rather the heavy drinker category and likely did irreversible damage to my brain and body. I’m definitely looking forward to reversing what I can though. I started taking in servings of kimchi and although anectdotal, I feel my stomach is less upset than the previous few days.

Yes, this podcast went a long way to getting my butt back on the straight and narrow! It was jaw dropping, and I felt like it was literally a tick list of everything that was wrong with me. The anxiety, joint pain, inflammation, stress, seriously eye opening.
Now I use it every now and then if I’m having a wobble. It’s definitely helped me refocus on the life I really want.

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