Have I gone mad? Absolutely bonkers!

I know that I’m only at the beginning my journey with recovery. I have learned a lot about myself and how I process emotions the last few years. What caused a lot of my resentments. Why people’s actions hurt me…I’ve become analytical of my emotions. I acknowledge and embrace them. I didn’t think that I could do that before. I’ve realized that a lot of my disappointment’s were created by my expectations. Through my sobriety, I’ve stopped thinking “how could they do that to me?” That question has been replaced with “how could I let them!” Were they even aware of my expectations? Or here’s an even better one. Do I know what their expectations are?

In the working world expectations are so black and white. I’ve never really struggled at work. I’m well aware of what’s expected of me in the work place and my employer is aware of my expectations, as well. Every day life isn’t that way though. I always wanted to place the blame on someone else when I got hurt. Some times, I’m the one to blame.


Sounds like you’re on the right path.

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Good insight. For me I also try and find how do I learn from what has happened? And how do I fit into the situation? I find it keeps me humble towards others and even more so myself. I remind myself that I am living as a part of Gods plan. If I am supposed to experience it. I should learn from it. As so not to repeat the same mistake.

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Expectations is a pretty good word to think about. It takes both pros and cons.

Helps with boundries
Irritation or dissapointment
Helpful communication
Selfish conclutions on both sides

I think having expectations are ok
If i had no expectations of myself id be on the streets
If i had no expectations of others everyone would walk all over me

Im going to think about that myself

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Thank you. That’s just it though. For me it’s not always about mistakes. Sometimes it has to do with boundaries. Either way, there’s always a lesson to be learned

This is one I can relate to strongly. I have difficulty communicating at times particularly when it’s when I’m wanting something from or out of another person. At times I need to realize myself if I ddnt communicate my need or desire how could they know… even at times when I think it’s apparent. I do believe communication is vital to getting what u expect. Thank you for sharing, I hope you figure this one out.


Definitely food for thought for me as well. Expectations are a part of life, along with disappointments. It’s how I deal with them that makes the difference.

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No problem. It’s daily process.