Have i missed a trick?

You’re not alone. I have a few stressors happening in life and worries too. I find it very draining and not very pleasant at all. Life shouldn’t be this way…at least seemingly all the time. I am prone to feeling depressed and anxious…however, I’ve come to the conclusion that for me, alcohol isn’t helping anymore (not that it ever really did) and I have to white knuckle life for awhile until my brain heals and my stress coping/thought processes improve. I can assure you it’s not very pleasant at the moment but it is only a moment in time.

Things could be much worse and God has heard my prayers. I have faith everything will be fine even if I’m not feeling it or seeing it right now.

I will say a prayer for you too. Hang in there with me. You got this!


I’m so so so happy for you. That feeling in the morning when you wake up without a hangover feels like a gift.


Have you thought about hitting up some. AA actual in person meetings in your area of living they are great and the more busier you are the less likely you will probably not drink ya know :slight_smile: just a little bit of advice chat anytime thanks hope your doing well keep up the good work no drinking lol one day at a time though :slight_smile: you can do it

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@james83 So sorry to hear you are struggling and are faced with looking at cocktails that you can’t have. That will be a true test. I’m glad I haven’t had to go through that. It seems very stressful. I’m pulling for you. Fight the fight, please James.

Describe your next morning for us. You woke up sober and how did you feel? I’ve had dreams about drinking and I felt so bad and disgusted in the dream that I woke up physically bothered. It took a while to shake the feeling, but it reminded me how proud I am of not picking up!

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Thank you!

Made it through sober and woke up the next day feeling awesome. Just one more work event to navigate through before 2 weeks’ of holiday over Easter with my family. By the end of that I’ll have 40 days under my belt and I’m hoping cravings will be a little easier to handle.


Waking up sober never gets old :hugs:


Hi. Sorry you’re struggling. Honestly there is no “tricks”. There is only work. In the beginning getting through these stressful situations is hard but overtime it gets easier. So when you’re stressed you need to double down with your tools.

And there is ALWAYS a meeting somewhere. Even just getting out of your house and around others like you is all you need until the feeling passes. Oh yeah, that’s the other thing… stress, triggers, temptations ALWAYS pass. Just hive it time and you will find yourself on the other side of it.



I was greatful because i woke up hangover free, but the biggest feeling was actually how strong i felt, im starting to have a bit of faith in myself for once. Being sober, ive realised, is more than just quitting drinking for whatever reason, its also learning to like myself again :slightly_smiling_face: