Have you read this?

Has anyone read this? I am very curious and I would love to hear what others thought.

I really want to own it. Badly.

I may have to wait and save up.

How about a library card? Then, free!

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Wheelchair & buses. - I really can’t.
I am terrible with return dates too.
I want to keep it forever and ever.

Do you have an e reader like a kindle? I get all my library books electronically. And they return it automatically as well.


Unfortunately I don’t. I never knew that

Well, save up some $ for one of you are interested. Millions of free books at your fingertips.

:slight_smile: how do you even borrow from the e reader thingy?

The library has a variety of apps. In fact, you may be able to do on your computer and not need an e reader. I suggest going on your local Library 's website and seeing what they offer.

Most libraries now have an e-book catalog. The reader apps are free for download for PC, Mac, Android and Apple.

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How do you check them out?

Thru whatever app you have. Check out your library to read up on the hows.

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Where do you live??? In Ottawa our public library allows you to check out books through Overdrive. They have an app. I’ve ne et figured out how to do it through my Kobo so I just read them on my phone.

Our library (and me!) use overdrive as well.

Kitchener Ontario

Wow ty! Great suggestions

It’s only $10.99 from Barnes and noble

11 bucks is a lot for some people. One of the many things wrong with the world, there are clowns who get 170 dollar parking tickets just because they can afford it and laugh about it.
I’ll look into the book and let you know if it is even worth reading. Rule of thumb is if a self help author has written more then 10 books then it isn’t worth reading any of them.

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Check out Overdrive and see if your library is on there.

I checked the author of the book and read an article about him on psychology today’s website and I desided not to read the book. It seems the author puts too much of his personal experiences and past into his theories and treatment. That might not sound like a big deal to most people but in science, that is a big No-no because it is pretty much theory based on theory rather than theory based on facts. But not to say you shouldn’t read the book, I’m just saying I’m not going to check it out. Good luck.