Havent seen any so why not \m/

Who’s your favorite anime character from Hunter X Hunter and why?

Mines Killua. Hes a cutie pie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Disclaimer that is not Killia^^

Gon is such a goody goody that i can’t help but like him most.

Although aftwr thinking about it, it might be Biscuit. She’s like a hard nosed sponsor lol and she enjoys tormenting them boys

Only halfway through season one but also gotta say killua’s story fascinates me, probably him and then kurapika, then gon

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I’m sure this will change as i get through more

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There’s many characters, each with their own merits. My daughter got to watch it, i binged right through it with her. She’s trying to move me on to Demon Slayer now but i haven’t gotten as interested in that one yet

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My daughter went thru a HUGE Demon Slayer phase last year. I tried watching the first about 20 with her but couldn’t really get into it.

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Love Demon Slayer too such an interesting story imo