Having a hard day today because it was there

So today has been one of those day where I craved it it been day 5 but I craved it more then those other days I guess because the guilt the at the beginning but then it’s starts to make you feel less quilt and more of a craving and then I say to myself well maybe one but we all know that not the case. It’s back to been in hell back to hurting every one and back to having shame and guilt. But so far still on day 5. I can’t forget the journey I am willing to take to save my life and to have my loved ones.


Great mindset to have right now. Remember why you are quitting. The only way for me to 100% avoid the negative consequences of alcohol is to not drink.

Dont worry about what others are thinking or doing. You are on your own journey, and if you keep it up they will all eventually see you are a non drinker.


Whatever you need to do to get to bed sober, do it. Including turning in two hours early. Some days are harder than others because they hold greater rewards!


Randie, I know it’s hard, the first week is tough cuz your body is so used to having it.
Please fight with all you have, I promise you’ll be happy you did. You said your husband is giving you a chance and you have kids who deserve the best mom.
Try to do anything to stay busy. Have it in your mind that drinking is not an option anymore!
You can do this. :hugs:


Five days is something to be proud of. I know it’s tough, and it’s cliche, but it does get easier. Right now, you are relying on newfound willpower to overcome a manipulative adversary that’s had decades to dig in and study your weaknesses. At this stage it feels like you are outgunned and outnumbered, but remember why you are getting sober and use that as fuel to drive you. You can do this, and we are here for you.


Sometimes i just need to pray, try help and be there for others and it helps take the thought off myself and what struggles im going through. We’re all here to help and encourage you to get through the rough times. The hell we endure sometimes is what drives us to continue on strive for better.

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Completely agree it gets easier. I slipped on Friday after 3 years.

But the signs where there. Started telling myself I could have weak shandys, have not used the tools that got me to three years for months including this app.

I allowed it back in because id not been working out that sobriety muscle (to use your metaphor).

I suppose if I correct my initial statement, it gets easier if you keep your sobriety strong.


You can do it! Go back and read your first post if you need a reminder not to pick up. Go shopping, go to a park, a coffee, or an AA meeting. So many options.