Having a Hard Day

Feeling down. Have made so many of the same poor choices literally nothing I can say to my wife means anything to her anymore. Looking at how beautiful she is but wants nothing to do with me. Very very painful today. This is just the result of the choices I’ve made. I long for the day when the choice is not so difficult to make. Wish it was as easy as using logic and just saying no because its stupid and leads to hard conciquenses. Thanks for reading.


I can relate. SO many times I’ve seen my husband’s shoulders slump in defeat when he figured out that I had been drinking all day. While I was buzzed it just irritated the hell out of me and I would play all the reasons in my head why “I was allowed to relieve stress how ever I needed to”… But then in the middle of the sleepless night I would remember his look of disappointment and knowing he had to take on extra stuff after his long day of very physical work, because I was to far gone to handle responsibilities… I would commit to never doing it again. Just to do it all again.
I’m only on day 4 this time so who know if I’m on top of things yet, but when your fighting those mental monsters just try to play it forward… how is it gonna feel tomorrow? Day by day your wife will see you getting better.
Good luck!!

So true I’m a husband who’s wife was a alcoholic it’s so sad to see the on you love so much drinking her life away I remember many days of coming home to a drunk wife dinner not cooked and the house a mess I cried many of night’s for her and praying to God she would get sober.it was so devistating. But I loved her unconditionally.although we are no longer together I’m so proud of her she’s working on her 3rd year clean and sober.