Having a tough day 5

I am new to this forum and this is actually my first post. I am closing down day five of being sober and I want to drink so badly I am crying. It would be so easy to just drive up to the store, buy some vodka or wine, and feel no pain.

I was a nightly drinker for years. Every. Single. Night. I know I need to stop or it will kill me. But right now that feels like it may be a fair trade.

I won’t drink tonight. But, man, sober hurts.


Welcome to the forum! These feelings are something i dealt with too. When i was on day 5 i was just getting out of detox and being sober definitely hurt. Not going to lie i did a lot of crying myself.
What i can tell you is that things will get easier. You are going from years of daily alcohol abuse to absolute ZERO alcohol use. Your body is going to feel like it hates you that first week but in reality your body is healing itself.
Sometimes it feels like you are stuck at the bottom of a hole with only a shovel, but keep checking in like you did today and you will find the tools necessary to climb your way to the top.


Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. It is tough, we all know that and you certainly aren’t alone. You’ve made it to 5 days which is great! At some point you probably didn’t think you’d never get this far but here you are!
I also drank every night. From the time I got off work (I drank on the way home) to the time I went to bed aka passed out.
Stick close and you’ll find some wonderful support here!


Been there, done that! I only drank wine on weekends, but my weekends were 7 days long for 6 years! I found the first 10 days off super difficult. Withdrawal symptoms until about 10 days.

I’m closing out Day 25 today, and Day 5 seems like forever ago. If you can keep pushing, it will get easier and you will start to impress yourself and feel strong, feeling like you’ve already come a long way.

The worst cravings have passed. I still think longingly of wine when I see a meme or commercial, but I just try to focus on the new strength I’ve found, and let my pride be my guide. It will always be a struggle, but turning back is harder than pushing forward, because you’ve already woken up and your higher self is coming out.