Having to Stay Vigilant in My Sobriety

Every second I have to be mindful. Temptations, bad friends or family. Even having to stay mindful that Life and it’s every day occurrences can’t be an excuse for me to pick up and use just because something may not have gone in my favor or if someone has abused my trust. Trust issues are the big reason I give myself a pass to use and 31days in today, I no longer want to give outside factors that power over me. I want to be happy enough with myself that things dont shake me and make me relapse. Time and Vigilance is what I need to practice right now.

Made 30 days yesterday and they spoke about relstionships and how when they fail we tend to downward spiral in active recovery/addiction. I just want ti regain my power.


Good job on 30 days! Anything is possible if you keep thinking the way you are right now! That’s what it’s all about. I gave people way too much power over me. Drowned myself in alcohol having a pity party. Feeling like I’m not enough. I’m more than enough. I’m too much actually! Relationships were a big trigger for me. I’ve learned that most things dont last forever. Enjoy it while you have it and be ready to let it go and move on when you don’t have it. Remove toxic people from your life and you will see the changes! The promises will come true right before your eyes! We have to work for them, fight for them!