Headache 🤔

I m 2 weeks sober … Having headache since i woke up in morning. had a good sleep though … is it related to withdrawal?

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Headaches are bad if they wake you up from sleep at night. With your recent change in lifestyle I would be suspicious of maybe dehydration or yes, some residual post withdrawal syndrome. Eat good & drinks lots of water please. Your 14 days is kick ass!


I’m 2 weeks sober today as well and I have had quite a few headaches on and off since I quit drinking. Today wa’s actually the first day I haven’t really noticed it. I think dehydration is definitely a part of it as I did drink more water today. I’m still suffering from a bit of brain fog though and that is a bit frustrating especially because I’m still trying to complete an online course.
Other than that, I’m feeling way better. Still struggling with cravings, but beating then one by one. Do you feel better in other ways?

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Yes m getting good sleep n eating properly. Cravings are there but not intense so i avoid them when they pop up in mind . Head aches are not frequent its frst time

I had a headache for the first 2-ish weeks that I was sober. I couldn’t contribute it to anything other than withdrawal. It really sucked but it eventually went away. Staying hydrated is key, like the others have said. It will pass!

Echoing everyone else on probably dehydrated. If you go to Walgreens there is some water enhancements made by vital proteins that will rehydrate you quickly or you can use pedialyte (I hate the taste of pedialyte).