Heading for the 1st alcohol free week! Tonight

Proud of myself, feeling happier, my mind is sharpier, didn’t get any cravings yet - hope it stays like this.
Happy to set out a commitment on the next Saturday mourning (:hushed::slightly_smiling_face:).
Yesterday, dispite my current - delicate - financial situation I joined the Naked Mind program (USD47, which in my country’s currency is multiplied by 5) but decided to give myself this gift to try to surround myself with resources, and even a wider toolkit. Thank you guys, this community is really important


Nice one. Keep it up.
You will get thrown curve balls. Just take them in your pace and learn from them.
And from what I can gather the Annie Grace stuff is good.

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Welll done

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Do you guys have personal tips for when the cravings comes!!! For me, especially, this week that I’ve been working hard that sense of deserving used to bring together the thirst and cravings…

That’s great, keep it up!

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