Health benefits? Bull s&$t


New study that claims to discredit other studies that claim the “health benefits” of drinking alcohoholic in moderation.
Give it a read
There’s “no safe level of alcohol,” major study concludes - CBS News


Yes! I read that this morning here:

No safe level of alcohol consumption, major study concludes | The Independent -

Giving up drinking completely is the only way to avoid the health risks associated with alcohol, according to a major new study.

They estimated that one drink a day increases the risk of developing an alcohol-related diseases including cancer, diabetes and tuberculosis by 0.5 per cent. This shot up to 7 per cent for those having two drinks a day, and 37 per cent for five drinks.

It’s refreshing to read after all the shit you read about how drinking in moderation is beneficial. I’m sure the multi billion dollar alcohol industry pays people to say that.


Heard this being discussed on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning. There was one shouty guy who was like BUT EVERYTHING IN MODERATION and I was really impressed at the response, like well moderation (especially to the recommended guidelines) is hard, once you’ve had one or two you the alcohol has affected you and it’s difficult to think logically, plus you’ve got to think about it so much when you should and shouldn’t drink… Maybe it’s just easier not to drink. Amazing to hear that in a public discussion. Progress?

Edit: I think it was Adrian Chiles’ show and he has recently said about his 100 unit a week habit so that was probably him saying that about moderating. Still awesome to hear on such a mainstream platform though.


interesting stuff
thank you very much


On NPR in California today, too.


Great information and It is what I always I had believed. I am tired of watching so many lifes destroyed by alcohol.affirming alcohol has benefits It is like saying that gambling has economic benefits for some persons


Right. And I always had a feeling that those “health benefits” of a glass of wine or a beer were full of shit. I always thought that the alcohol companies had to be in on those “studies” for profit. I mean, gimme a break. Eat some grapes or eat a fucking salad for your health.

But we are alcoholics. We will cling to something like that. Like “hey. Wine is good for my heart” lol.
It’s all very predatory and very INSANE!


Totally. I’ve read a few articles like that now. We can finally stop justifying poisoning our bodies by using the health benefits excuse :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep. All the heart health benefits are related to antioxidants which are in wine. But nothing to do with alcohol. And plentiful in other (non-addictive) foods!


I’m glad someone is arguing against “settled science”, so people can make informed decisions, and understand the risks. I am not “anti” alcohol. I’m just anti-putting-it-in-my-body.

Glad to see the same being done regarding weed, too.

Hey, if you can only face a distorted view of life, or can’t deal with reality, have at it. Me? I want it real, in its rawest form. If I were to spend a hurricane drunk (which I have), the storm doesn’t change, just my perspective of the storm. Same applies to a beautiful sunshiny day. Weather the storm, enjoy the sunshine, in all of their pure fury and beauty.


I read this article on my news app this morning! Alcohol is bad for you?! You don’t say?! :joy:


I am completely agree. I will sign your statement. Pure truth