Hello Again Friends

I haven’t posted in a long time. I’m sure you know what happened. Well I’m back here at day 2. Hoping this time I can stick with it. Sucky thing is I have my own wedding in 3 just over 100 days and I’m worried about that. First this first though, I have to get some small goals going. It’s good to be back again. I look forward to staying sober this time around. I know it’s a marathon, not a sprint.


Welcome back!! There are parts of my wedding reception I don’t remember… If I could go back I would love to be married sober! After the party was way over I was still calling the hotel manager demanding champagne be brought to our room even though the hours for room service were over saying “I’m the bride!!” Ugh not one of my finest moments.

The stress of a wedding is a lot. Try to just remember it’s only one day and focus on all the positive aspects! You can do it!


Welcome back!

@Elena Has a great point. It is so nice to actually remember special occasions.

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Thanks Leila!