Hello, day 127

It took me a long time to admit to myself that I’m an addict. From being an alcoholic for around 17 years, doing mostly every drug known to us, to spending thousands of dollars on, online games, specifically, Mobile Strike. My addiction came at a young age, starting drinking in middle school, using drugs in high school to full blown everyday use in college. My continuation of alcohol and drugs has caused my divorce, loss of vehicles, and almost my house. Just after Christmas on a cold and snowy day, I did my usual drinking, smoking meth, marijuana, and playing games. About 8:30pm I had fallen over in front of my 5 year old son that I have on weekends, I remember him looking down at me and me glazing up at him. He said, in his cute little 5year old voice, “daddy what happened”? I don’t remember what I said back or anything until around 2pm Saturday afternoon. I woke up in a haze from my bed, my son was playing in the living room. It dawned on me that I needed help. January 26th was my first day to my recovery…
Thank you for that one moment when my son looked down at me, I’m not sure I’d be alive today if it wasn’t for him!


Awesome @ThereISaLIGHT thank you for sharing your story and welcome

What an awesome testament to the love you have for your baby boy. It’s incredible the amount of motivation these babies can have on our drive to be better people!

Congratulations! What an awesome accomplishment!

Incredible how the smallest of moments can have the hugest of impacts. Thank you for sharing! Keep on going strong!

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