Hello to all

I commented on the “how many days sober” topic, so I thought I’d say hello to everyone and introduce myself. My name is Rich, I’m a alcoholic and was a opioid addict. I have 3 dui’s, a possession charge and I spent 60 days in prison. Without making this too long of a back story, I started drinking in my teens, it didn’t become a serious issue until my mid to late 20s. I was a functioning alcoholic for 10 years until I finally quit. I was addicted to Percocets and OxyContin for 2 years following my fathers last heart surgery and subsequent death from it a year later. In addition to that I was battling anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. I bounced between pills and suboxone for a very short period before I quit both cold turkey. As most on here know, it was hell. I almost died. It took just over a month to feel normal. I’m now 1956 days sober and somehow have not had any relapses even though I get cravings here and there. I now own a house, have a fiancée and a great job. Ive been looking for ways to help people that are in early recovery and struggling. Information on it is hard to come by on the internet. Anyway, thank you for reading this and I look forward to contributing on this website.


Welcome to our TS family Rich. I also had an opiod addiction in addition to cocaine and alcohol. I’m so happy to be free of that life. I’m only about 527 days clean. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of wisdom to share with our community. I look forward to seeing you around here.


Welcome man, I am looking forward to seeing the information you have to offer as I’m still learning as well, thanks for stopping in!

Welcome! You are an inspiration to me my friend. Thank you for sharing :pray:t2::two_hearts: