So many aspects of change have entered my life without warning. So much about myself is new and for the entirety of one year life has given me challenges that nearly broke my spirit to completeness.

I lost a lot of myself in the process of figuring out who I am today.

I can finally see how the trials have strengthened the depth of my character. And it feels good to truly feel proud of who I’ve become. To be able to see myself again. Also to literally be able to see again.

Ive quit hard drugs and liquor for almost 2 years now. I’m proud of this. Though the glory comes with a hard truth I didn’t realize I needed to say.

While those two have been the most detrimental in my life… I have since picked up other habits. The rare glass of wine or pint of beer. But mostly a cigarette habit. I’ve felt like it’s been ok to allow these things though something nags at me because of it.

Sometimes I feel like a fraud to the sobriety I’ve obtained.

I want to start a new journey but I’m in need of guidance

I would love advice/comments on this if anyone has any. :orange_heart:


Smoking cigarettes is something I have managed to kick a couple of times… Only to pick back up again. I try and remind myself that this is all a journey and there is no end point, no final destination where everything is suddenly perfect. For me feeling comfortable with taking it at my own pace and accepting where I am, including habits that are less than ideal, is being true to my sobriety.

Not to justify smoking, it’s a horrible addiction with awful health impacts. And if you’re ready to work on letting it go, that is awesome :raised_hands: But don’t let it take away from the things you have achieved, you are not a fraud, and all those hard won gains you have made do not mean any less. If anything it shows you that you can conquer this too! :muscle::sparkles:

Lots of good stuff in this thread >>


I really appreciate your advice. I guess I’ve always thought of sobriety as being completely clean so sometimes I get a sort of guilty feeling.

Thanks for the thread! Good stuff!

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