Help! I was ghosted!

So i have been seeing a therapist for almost a year now. Things were going great until out of nowhere, a couple weeks ago he ghosted me. I have messaged him twice and nothing. I was seeing him privately so i cant go through an office to schedule an appointment. I really dont want to start all the way over with another therapist. Ugh this is so hard.


Have you any idea why he would do that ? It seems a bit strange just out of the blue like that

No! I have no idea why. I did miss my last appointment due to an emergency but that was the very first time i ever missed and i reached out the follow morning firat thing and then i reached out again a few days ago and nothing.

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They may be ill or something

That is strange perhaps something serious has happened in his life or something has happened to him

Those possibilities crossed my mind but since I have no way of scheduling with him i went back to the clinic i was originally using and made an appointment with someone else.


If they are a worthy therapist there must be a reason why they have not responded. If there isn’t a reason then they are not a worthy therapist.

How did you find this therapist? Is there no other way to get in touch?

I went through a referred clinic and he left that practice back in August and i have no idea where he is currently but the only way i have to get ahold of him is through his email.

I wonder if the old clinic has his contact information for patients who might not have known that he left? I’m not sure how long they would keep that though. :weary: But JUST email seems unreliable.

I have an appointment in two weeks with a new therapist. And i agree, email is so not reliable but it is what it is at this point. We just recently had a new moon which means new beginings and new people so I’m wondering if the universe threw a plot twist at me.


Ugh I’m sorry. As a fellow therapist that is really weird and totally unprofessional. Like he could literally get reprimanded by his licensing board for that.

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Oh wow i didnt realize that could happen. I wanna become a clinical psychologist myself. I start school this fall.

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Do what you need to do

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