Help! Severe Leg pain. Newly sober

Hi everyone. Been off and on sober for 9 months. Recently coming off a bad relapse. Im 7 days in sober and woke up the other day and when i put my feet on the ground pain shot up both my legs. Bad. It feels like i hit the gym hard. Gets better during the day, does not seem to be the pins, pain, etc of neuropathy (nor have i ever had that while drinking). GF believes its severe dehydration and electrolytes. I think it might be because it was the day after i busted my ass all day after being in bed for a week.

Its getting very very gradually better everyday but I am really scared.

Has anyone else experienced this or know what it might be?

Eternally grateful for guidance

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Only when I slipped a disc iny lower back. Sometimes it felt better as I moved around a bit, other times it got worse the more I did. Try and stretch it out a little bit. If you’re that worried about it, go see your Doc.


For health reasons I suggest seeing professional medical advise.


Thats what im thinking it is. Timing of it just freaked me the F out

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Still like @erntedank said. Probably best to just check in with the doctor just in case :+1:. Feel better.

My first thought is plantar fasciitis. My second thought is sciatica (though when I had sciatica the pain shot down my leg, not up).

Either way I echo the professional advice. Anything that could be wrong would need proper treatment.

Another possibility is low electrolytes since you said you’re coming off a relapse. A good multivitamin is always a good idea and certainly can’t hurt.