Help! Trying to Quit, but Temptation is Calling

So both my husband and I use Oxycodone. I’m trying to Quit (on my 8th day sober), but he’s not. Right now he’s talking how he wants to go get some oxy and part of me is like, let’s go, and the other part of me is fighting with myself. Why did I think I could break this vice knowing my husband is still into it? Just venting y’all. Trying to stay strong…

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My husband and I are in the same boat, but with alcohol. We’re each others biggest enablers. Best advice I can give is to go do something separately from him. If you have a dog, bring him/her for a walk. Go have a bath, do yoga, cuddle up in bed with a book or a movie or just go to sleep. The temptation will fade and you’ll be proud of yourself for not giving in.

You are only in control of yourself! Nothing you say will make him stop, he has to want too. Just focus on your goals and you’ll be fine. We’re all here to cheer you on!

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Listen to the fighting part of you. You thought you could do this because you can! Lots of opioid users here can say the same.

You are your husband are two different people and you can decide for yourself. The longer you do good for yourself the more likely he is to acknowledge that and want the same. He has to do the work himself at that point.

Maybe think of something else you would like to spend the cash on and treat yourself. Quitting controlling habits let’s you have those other good things.


So my husband left to go get the oxy, and I stayed home. I told him to do it over there, and not bring it home. I’m proud of myself for not going along with him (because I surely would have caved), but now I feel super antsy. I dont like this anxious feeling either any more than the cravings…


I’m proud of you too. That had to be a hard decision, but you stayed so strong. You have every right to put your health and well being first. Sorry to hear about the anxiety. Maybe a long bath? Something good on Netflix? When I’m feeling anxious I have to find some way to get out of my brain. Let me say again that you showed amazing courage and resolve tonight. Keep it up, and please let us know how you are doing!


That was a very good call, drawing the line at the door. :muscle: The anxiousness is rough. It will pass, though, and your mind will stay clear. Not likely if you went the other way.

@MoCatt has it right. Maybe a walk, bath, or something else to clear your mind and relax the body? Personally, I recommend pizza.

Awww you said y’all… I’m from AL.

Proud of you for not going. Wise choice! Just call it a day maybe, and go to bed. End it on a good note that you chose sobriety. Those wise choices add up.

Imma bout to hit the hay myself. Zzzzzz


I can totally relate to this sadly i failed every time to give in to the gf naggin she felt like shyt n wanted to get something. Eventually i had to separate from her and it helpped me have more control over my thoughts. Its bad enough having your own brain telling u to get it to feel better let alone a spouse that is physically there nagging out loud. Stay strong! I dont know if ur doing this cold turkey or with a maintenance drug like suboxone or methadone. Just hang in there once the physical wd is gone it will get alil easier mentally