Help understand myself

The 11th is my 7th month sober and I am thrilled after almost 20yrs using pills,heroine, fentynal or some combination of all n others I’m getting thru it but I’m wondering the more I relearn myself I’m I just an addict or is there an underline reason I absolutely love psychology and research a lot n came across bipolar disease and the more I read watched n heard about it I’m starting to think I am. So I’m wondering is the first year of sobriety like a bipolar roller-coaster feeling or am I just kidding myself


It is a popular belief that for one to be an addict, 2 things must exist; predisposition to addiction (genetics) and trauma. As far as trauma goes, there’s a.wide range, small t and big T trauma, both a valid.

For myself, I reflected back on my life and was able to pin point the small t traumas that compounded, which was the fuel for my alcohol addiction.

I would definitely suggest you start seeing a psychologist for proper diagnosis so that you get the best effective treatment; self diagnosis has inherent risks and can make matters worse.

Wish you luck, friend!!