Helping an addict?

Hi guys
I’m having a tough time at the moment with my brother. He’s an alcoholic, at least 21 units a day, every day. He went into detox but only lasted 2 days before checking himself out. He stopped taking the valium they gave him. His wife is beyond upset and lost. He is vomiting blood and has blood in his urine. Yellow eyes. He has cirrhosis. He’s booked in to go to detox again on the 16th of this month, but we are worried that he won’t last again.
I dont know what to do.
I’m so upset and worried.
I’ve been sober for almost 12 weeks, and for me, as a binge drinker, it wasn’t as difficult quitting. So I’m not sure I can offer much help.
Does anyone have any advice?


if it was my brother i’d take him to the hospital today. that’s a really tough situation so i wish you a lot of strength.

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So his health is failing as well? That’s tough.

Unfortunately I learned on my own through my experiences, I wasn’t gonna quit till I wanted to, and I almost signed myself out as well, how is he getting home. When he leaves? Kinda what kept me stuck, I couldn’t just sign out and say yo come pick me up


He’s over 8 hours drive away.
He won’t stay in the hospital.
He won’t even let his wife help.
Thanks for your well wishes x

Hi guys

Just an update. He is going into detox tomorrow.
I just spoke with him and he is drunk, but seems ready for the week ahead.

I have a question though. Can someone die in detox? He has lost so much weight and his cirrhosis is bad. He isn’t eating. He has terrible anxiety even without alcohol in his system.
I’m so worried and scared for him.

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I think when in medical detox they will help him to stay alive. But I guess this is only a doctor who can answer this correctly. He will be taken good care of. You did what you could and the rest is not in your responsibility. :pray: