Herbal remedies for alcohol cravings

Does anyone know to any herbal remedies for alcohol cravings :thinking:just putting it out there as it crossed my mind as you can have tablets from the doctor

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Not that im aware of…only herbal things to help u feel better in general, i take evening primrose for hormone fluctuation but you gotta be careful with those with anti depressants. I went through alcohol services years back and they gave me acamprozate once id been sober for a while, they did help a little but then i started drinking again, so… can i ask why your asking?xx


Just in general really as I know the cravings will come in at some point, but I guess really as with anything in life its our own mindset that helps, I’m sure going to try my very best not to drink or anything else :muscle:


Kudzu can help ease cravings. But it only eases cravings and will not stop you from drinking. Look up Kudzu and alcoholism.

I don’t know if it would help with alcohol cravings specifically, but I would have thought anything that supports dopamine would be good as addiction generally messes with all that.


Brilliant thank you ill have a look :sunglasses:

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From my personal experience there is a lot you can try if it suits you.
I make my own herbal tea mixtures (great tea drinker) and compose it to my daily needs. It takes some education and tasting. There are compositions for soothing, relieving stress, helping sleep, supporting concentration and lifting mind & soul, for bathroom & gut issues (often a sign that I need something specific) etc.

I also fumigate to clear air and mind, with bought mixtures and self mixed. I appreciate real good incence from Oman as it is powerful and I love the smell.

I do scented baths to get relieve from a tough day. Lavender for heart & soul, camophor and eucalyptus for breathing issues (not only physically, also the type of short breath I get from emotional overload). Rose I use rarely, it is very powerful for heart ouch, also geranium.

I use essential oils a lot, droped into a water stove and directly on my body. My goto is peppermint for nearly everything, from headache to nausea to being nervous and unconcentrated.

To stay on topic, herbs can help to cope with living life on life terms including cravings and supporting sobriety. Dig into lerning about herbs and find out what suits you, it’s highly individual and changing on conditions and mood. When you have a particular question you don’t want to put out in public feel free to PM me. My library has stored about 15 high quality books on herbs.

Edit to add: Be caucious, some herbs interfere severely with medications like St. Johns wort / hypericum and misteltoe with depression, blood pressure and heart condition meds. If you are on immune supressive meds, cancer meds or other meds you have to take daily because of severe health issues do not add herbals to your diet before empowering/educating yourself and talking to your doctor!

If used as tea to max. 1/2 liter per day max 5 days a week, most are compatible. Exept hypericum and mistletoe and a few others.

PS: As it is summer time I love to have tomatoes with basil and olive oil. This combo is the ice cream treatment for people who don’t like sweets and love veggies. Basil is a delicate powerful always underestimated herb. As well as parsley. Never too much parsley! Chewing parsley or ginger is an immediate gamechanger for me. Also cilantro if you like it.

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Wow amazing I’m going to look into it more, thank you :blush:

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I’m happy to share my pleasure, knowledge and experience and I’m happy to discuss the topic! It is so interesting and powerful :blush:

I found this site via google. it looks interesting and contains health topics as far as I scrooled through. I’m sorry, my bookmarks are all in german.