Herbal Remedies

Has anyone tried Ginseng for reducing their withdrawals? I’ve started taking it recently for porn addiction and have noticed quite a difference. Curious to see if anyone has had the same experience. Apart from that It’s cleared my mind and I feel super focused which is a plus.


I’ve never tried ginseng myself (also in recovery from porn here), but if it’s helping for you, that is nice.

For me I have been enjoying developing my interests. I’ve discovered I like to cook, and I’m pretty good at it. I’m learning new skills and building up my collection of recipes.

I’ve also enjoyed developing my friendships. In my addiction I spent so many years retreating. I’m learning how to connect authentically and sincerely. It is a steep learning curve but helpful.

I’ve also been doing visits every two weeks with my therapist. This therapist in particular I have found is very insightful. He asks helpful questions: he doesn’t give answers; instead, he helps me consider new perspectives, and from those I am finding new insights into myself. I’m developing a relationship with myself that I don’t have before.