Here goes day one again

I am going to quit drinking this time I swear!! I can’t do this anymore. I have tried dozens of times and failed miserably only to be drinking more than ever. It scares the hell out of me the amount I have been consuming.


I got help from AA and so can you.


I just been to my first aa meeting today … im 66 days clean and soba … nothing made sense in recovery until i walked through that door today … i really pray u can reach out and get help x


I tried dozens of times and failed too. Finally realized I couldn’t do it on my own and I was going crazy just repeating the same cycle over and over. I knew I needed to try something different because what I was doing wasn’t working, so I went to AA. It’s been a game changer for me.


I have been in and out of A.A. since I was 17. Even had 5 and 1/2 years sober once. Now I am a month and 16 days clean and sober once again. I was struggling pretty hard at first but I recently had a friend who used to be sober die from this addiction and someone told me I could dedicate my sobriety to the good memories I have of him and that really helped me get my head right for the last couple of weeks. I know God willing any of us can do this thing!


Do you have insurance that will cover in/outpatient help? At times, white knuckling just don’t cut it. If you’re not addressing the root cause of the relapses and then doing something about it the cycle will continue. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helped me. CBT address the behavior and how you deal with it. Also EMDR (to difficult to explain in a post) really works. Get into rooms. AA can be crucial. Get phone numbers and use them. NEVER CRAVE ALONE!!! Call someone before you pick the drink up. If you have to, hit 3-4 meetings a day. Being around someone who has the same disease lets them help you get through it.


Swearing won’t get you sober. Actions. Plans. That is what you need. It’s time to start building your sober toolbox. What will you put into it?


You’ve tried what? White knuckling it? Locking yourself in your home? Meetings? Rehab?

What you have tried in the past hasn’t served ypu well. So what will you try now?


My view is the only person that can make me drink is me. No event, no other person, only me. I decided to quit drinking and will stay stopped until I make the conscious choice to drink again. I have no plans to do so because it would mean death. This disease is bad.

If you are willing to go to any lengths to ne sober then you will win! You’ve got this!


It’s all been said above @Scorpio7.
But the main thing that will get you sober is you.
If what you have been trying hasn’t been working, then you have to open yourself up to do whatever it takes.
There is loads of advice on here. Just be willing and open to do anything.
But you have to be strong and set your mind to it.:grinning:

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