Here I go again:/

I have never been 100% honest with anyone about my sobriety/addiction/relapse for many reasons. Sometimes I feel like I’m not even honest with myself about it. ITS NOT OK! Yes, they know! Or they will find out!I’m tired of acting like it’s not restricting/affecting my life.
I went to rehab 4 years ago and it changed my life . Until 2 years later when I had all my amends made to my family and knew they fully trusted me to stay sober. I relapsed:(
I haven’t told anyone what I’m going through and it’s making me hate myself and who I am. I feel a tremendous amount of guilt and I’m slowly losing focus of me and my worth.
So I thought I’d “talk sober” with you guys and start being honest about this part of my life. Let’s see what happenes.
First time ever opening up since my relapse. I need help/encouragement/advice.

Please & Thank you❤️A


You’ve come to a good place. We cannot beat addiction alone, have you gone to any meetings? I’m sure your family will be scared for you when you have the talk with them, maybe even angry, disappointed but they will only feel those feels because they love you.

Welcome to the TS tribe, reach out anytime.


Hi and welcome! I’m glad you found us!

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Welcome to TS. You can lay it all out here. Be as honest as you can! It helps.

I am glad you’re here.

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For me i have to be brutally honest with myself, i use to hide it very well from others. But i know once im on that downward spiral i might not make it back. I understand that there may be another relapse out there but might not be another recovery for me so i need hold on to my sobriety for dear life because its a life or dealth situation for me and my addiction. Glad to see you here and that your ready to make the change for better. Stick around here for help and encouragement alot of great people willing to offer suggestions/support.:pray:

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Welcome! I’m so glad you found this community….there are so many here with great advice, and I know I for one understand your path…Like you I hid my my addictions; like you I was riddled by shame and guilt, and I beat myself down for years…it hindered my progress, and left me stuck in a numbing cycle.

But, once you come out of the shadows, and speak your issues you are free to begin a new chapter…when we hide we spiral. It never gets better or easier. I suffered in silence for a long time…I’m so glad your hear.

My advice to you today is to start taking steps to change the narrative in your head. Don’t lose sight of the gains you have made on your journey, and begin the journey of learning to speak positively yourself. Be kind to yourself. When we learn to change our thinking about what alcohol the possibilities are limitless!

If you ever need to chat reach out anytime…we’re here, I’m here, and I know you can make it through. We just have to want to do the work.

Blessings to you!