Hey everyone ❤️

I hope everyone is doing good and feeling happy not sad. I hope everyone is blessed and doing good.
I wanted to shared that I’m 23 days sober off of every type of drugs this is the longest I have been sober. I did drink other day tho but drinking is a problem when I start but drugs was mostly my problem thank you for all support I have received if anyone lives in Cleveland area I’m in need of a friend.


Welcome, @AmberRae :pray:

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Awesome work reaching 23 days @AmberRae! If there’s anything I’ve learned from TS it’s to surround yourself with like minded and supportive people. Read around here, there are plenty of stories and advice to help you stay sober.

Welcome aboard!


Great work on your 23 days. Stay connected and keep stacking up the days :muscle:t4::hugs:
Not in the Cleveland area but here to virtually support you.