Hi everybody!

My name is Aedan and i am a British expat living in China. I have lived here for 9 years and enjoyed a lot of personal freedom that any expat here would. I would get drunk 3 times a week and if there was a holiday it would be total benders. I have been clean for a 2 months now and just quit nicotine the other day and i have started a teetotal life. My drinking was more regular and had a bad bender around new year that almost cost me my relationship. Im living with my gf now and vowed to stay sober and she does not drink or smoke. Nice to meet you all!


Welcome and good on you. Keep it up :muscle:

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Welcome Aedan! Congratulations on ur 2 months! Glad u have a supportive gf by ur side. Hope this forum can be another added support for u too!


I wanted to use this forum as a support network as there is not one here. I took up weight training the other week is helping and i have been doing boxing for about 3 years so i was already keeping healthy. I lived by myself most of the time and i could easily slam 10 Asahi beers in one night after work and chain smoke cigs then the next day all you can eat is McDonalds. I am going to beat this for sure just need to keep strong.


Congratulations man, I admire your ambition.

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Hey buddy! Welcome to the community! What an interesting life you’ve had!! I’m glad you have a girlfriend who is supportive of your sobriety.

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