Hi new to this site help needed

I don’t know how I got here! Recently I’ve started to think I have an alcohol problem. I am married to a wonderful man and have two amazing boys are 3 and 4. Life can be tough as I can for everyone but since my youngest was born my love for red wine has grown stronger by month without even realising it! My husband doesn’t really drink at all and he has mentioned I drink alot and he doesn’t know the half! I find myself bonding bottles of wine to drink when my boys are in bed! I’ve come to realise I need to do something now before it goes to far. I have drank (pretty much in secret) every day for a month! I need to stop! I don’t want to live like this! But… All I can think about at the min is when I next get to drink!!


Hi.Nicola,glad to hear that you realize what’s happening in your life. Sounds like it’s time to get to work on this. You seem to have some pretty good things in your life. Don’t let this wreck it for you. You are the one who has to take control of yourself. This site has a lot of knowledge and experience here,that can help you to help yourself. My best to you Nicola as you tackle this in your life.

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Sounds to me like you are worried about the future and losing complete control am i right or what lady??

So yeah i am right. It also sounds to me like you probably havent really hit rock bottom yet. Usually when you hit rock bottom quitting is easier. In your case it will be hard because you havent seen the ugly dark side yet (my guess maybe you have). But if you havent… then you are still going to associate boozing on wine with relaxation, fun and a well deserved treat.

Hey lady im not saying its impossible. Im just saying it will be hard. You need to want sobriety badly enough ok lady?

If you want it go get it i aint stoppin ya! You go girl. Go get it!

Go get it girl!

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You can do this without rock bottom. You don’t want your rock bottom to be getting into a car accident with your kids in the car while you have been drinking. Or they get hurt and you drank too much to take them for help. I wish I had this site for support before I hit bottom. I hit bottom 3 times before it finally stuck. The things that happened will be in my head as regret for the rest of my life. Take the bull by the horns now. If you are only thinking about drinking then quit. Get support from your husband. There is no shame in quitting. Get a support group together and you can get in front of this. Stay strong.


Welcome to the group. There is a lot of love, wisdom and support in these threads. Read and post as often as you need to, it really does help!

Start reading up on alcoholism, it’ll shed a lot of light on why you’re feeling the way you do. There are a ton of options by running a search on Amazon and a bunch of amazing books of people sharing their own stories. These really helped me in the really tough early days when the mind wants only to think about drinking!