Hits hardest at the night time

I think the Bordem is the biggest issue for me because I used to drink because I genuinely thought there was nothing else to do. All my friends and family have been drinking around me which isn’t great but they don’t understand what it’s like to have an addiction. I feel like a whole new person and it’s only been a week though so I am remaining positive about getting to know sober me :slightly_smiling_face: i have actually started to enjoy my own company a lot more since quitting the drugs and alcohol. I don’t know whether the antidepressant medication is working it’s magic on me or whether I’m actually just genuinely feeling good this time around. I hope to stay this way and actually live my life. Thanks to everyone for all the support I know I can do this and the people on this app help with that a lot!


Congrats on your week sober. Glad your feeling good. Try and keep yourself as occupied as u can the first couple weeks. Pick up some new hobbies or start exercising or something.


Congrats on your week thats brilliant to hear :slightly_smiling_face:

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