Hey guys I just wanted to get on here and say Ive made it to 1 month sober! No drugs no alcohol for 30 days! Im in shock a little bit but feeling great! I have lost 6 pounds already bringing me back into the 130’s! I feel great! I feel fucking powerful! Ive never lasted this long! Im am proud of myself! Gonna treat myself to a little shopping spree today!


CONGRATULATIONS! :tada: That’s amazing! Keep up the good work! :smiley:




Well done you! :sunglasses:


30 days is amazing and you should be very proud. Keep up the hard work.


Good job! Keep adding those days up


Congratulations, 30 days is huge! Now keep the days adding up, one at a time. :hugs:


Well done :smiley:


Well done your such an inspiration !!! whooooop whooooop keep it going xxx


@Andrea_Sapp Congratulations and keep up the good work.


Fantastic job!!


Congratulations! Awesome achievement.


We are almost sober twins! Im 31 days today. Awesome job!


Amazing you keep up that hard work and hold on to that strength


We’re almost sobriety twins! I got to my 30 days yesterday. Good work!


Me too! 31 days today. Maybe we all used the super bowl as the last hurrah?


Not quite. But, glad to have someone on the sobriety train with me!


Congratulations as 30 days is huge! Keep it up! Serenity and love!


Lol! No prob! We’re both addicts and that’s what counts!


Making it farther than you’ve ever been before can be a very liberating feeling, at least it was for me! Congrats on your continuous sobriety.