Home school, no drinking, no job = Going crazy!

This home schooling SUCKS! And no drinking is making it worse lol. This home school stuff is not easy at all. I am going crazy and stressed to the max. I hope other parents are having a better time with this. I know it is not easy at all for any parent during this time. I hope we can all get through this!


Not easy at all. . .my post was about this today. . .I’m trying to let go but not an option in most peeps situations. You are definitely not alone.

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Definitely not alone! We had an incident this morning that took the wind out of my sails.

I try to see it as an opportunity to practice my problem solving and adulting skills. :man_shrugging:


i love kids but dang, i’m so happy i’m not a parent during these COVID times. it must be such a wild time. i work full time with an animal to care for off-site and that is hectic - let alone home schooling kids with a full time job!