Homemade retreat

Camping on the beach sober… today is day 6… I am so far away from the nearest liquor store. Help me make it through tonight :pray:


Are you with drinkers?

Don’t leave that little slice of paradise and you’ll do just fine.

Enjoy life, the view while sober is so much more panoramic.


You stole my answer :grin:

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Luckily I was not !! Made it much easier.

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You’re so lucky to be there. I would love to move to BC. I’ll settle on visiting around Tofino instead. I hope you had a wonderful time :blush:

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I love Tofino!!! Probably my favourite part of BC

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I can’t wait to go! I want to do the Pacific Rim :heart_eyes:

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It’s unbelievably stunning. Prepare for nature tears :’)