Horrible coke dream but haven't used it for 12 years

Had a terrible dream I was snorting a bunch of coke but I haven’t used that stuff since I was 24 and I’m 36 now… just trying to figure out why I would have a drug dream about it. The only thing I can figure is my mind might be trying to get me to shoot it cause there was a brand new needle in the background the whole time in my dream but it was just out of reach… my drug of choice is to shoot meth so that’s probably why the needle was dancing around?? Idk what do you guys think? I’m 6 months 20 days and hope everyone is doing well!

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Haven’t used it not having stoopid auto correct lol

I wouldn’t read too much in to our to be honest mate, just be happy that it was just a dream. I believe that we only stay to get drinking and drugging dreams when we are serious about abstaining so you can take that positive away from it! :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Hi new to recovery here is craving candy or sweets completely normal I’ve tried to be sober a few times but I didn’t have the craving of candy but I’ve been wanting nothing more then ice cream and jolly ranchers :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: